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Custom KIDS 110 - megahit for windsurf kids

Do you remember the story about Troll Face?
If not, you can remind it. Click here.

Now we would like to introduce you absolutely new solution for windsurf kids.

Custom kids 110 (230 x 69 cm)

PULS Boards Custom KIDSPULS Boards Custom KIDS

Your kid can design final look of the board.
This one is the mirror reflection of the previous Troll face board.

What is so special?

First of all, that board has special kids dimensions. It has narrower footstraps stance with multiple possibility of setting footstraps (for begginers and for advanced riders).

PULS Boards Custom KIDS

In almost all deck young rider has soft EVA pad to prevent knees and elbows injuries.

PULS Boards Custom KIDS

That is board for advance rider, so for weight minimalization we resigned from daggerboard, but we propose 2 options:
1. Twin - 2 x slotboxes for 2 small fins to give possibility of sailing in not so deep water. 
That slot boxes are more front for faster planning even with very light rider. 
2. Single fin - power box - it is for Daddy, to have fun :) 

PULS Boards Custom KIDS

We produce that board in special kids technology with additional reinforcements in the nose and also in standing area but all of that in the lowest possible weight.

PULS Boards Custom KIDS

We have to wait for season to see that board in action.

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